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        Being a photographer is such a huge part of me. Ever since I picked up my mom’s old Nikon 13 years ago and started photographing whatever I could,  I haven’t put down the camera. It’s a form of art that even those who don’t like trying to interpret Picasso paintings can love and appreciate. I am so deeply devoted to displaying God’s good creation through my shoots. I hope that’s reflected in my work and in my communication with you.


        I’m Southern California born-and-raised, but now living in the heart of Texas. Even though I’ve lived here for a few years, my SoCal roots are keeping me from using “y’all” in a sentence. It’s just…uncomfortable to say. No shame if you say y’all obviously but I’m definitely a “you guys” type. I also still say, “dude,” “sweeeet,” “gnarly,” and “killer.” regularly.

        What do I do when I’m not shooting? Probably tending to my *very amateur* garden, figuring out how much I spend on chipotle each month, finding new healthy vegan recipes, planning my next travel expedition (and freaking out about how much everything costs because I totally just booked it spontaneously), researching all things holistic/natural health, or reading up on my theology and business strategies (because honestly my brain is always in work mode).

        I honestly have the best job. If you would have told me 5 years ago that I’d be traveling around the world documenting joy and meaningful moments, I would have looked at you with a “yeah right, in my dreams” face. Enough about me, I want to get to know you!

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        Let’s get to know each other. 

        My Style + Approach

        My #1 goal on your wedding day is to capture the real, non curated moments that naturally unfold. Sure, I’ll direct you and your dude to help you feel more at-ease in front of the camera, but I still mainly shoot with a conscious photojournalistic style. What do I mean by conscious? I mean that I’m not afraid to tell you that you have bright red lipstick on your teeth, or to tell ole’ pops to put down the iPad during your ceremony. My aim is to document those special moments between your guests, your family, and your future spouse. Throughout the entire planning process and wedding day, I am your sidekick and helper. I’ve got your back.

        Ready to chat?

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        Where are you based? Do you travel?
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        The couples in your photos look so relaxed... What if we're awkward or uncomfortable in front of the camera?
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        How many photos will I get?
        Do you hire a second shooter?
        What are your prices?
        I am currently based in Waco, TX, but travel fees to Southern California are extra affordable since I'm from there! I photograph weddings all over Texas and California. Some of my favorite locations are Marfa, TX, and Palm Springs, CA. To check my availability for weddings outside of Texas and California, shoot me an email! (