Invested In

What matters

You know
what you want. 

You've scrolled Instagram hashtags and flipped through Pinterest looking for pictures that feel like you. But everything looks the same: blown-out white photos with no detail or depth or moody photos that are so dark you can't even see who's in them!

and You want a photographer:

• who is quick to respond to your questions
• who vibes with both you AND your fiancé
• whose pictures are filled with emotion, personality and rich color
• you can trust to follow through on their promises

Someone that invests in and documents what truly matters:

the people you love most.

"Tori captured all those little moments between us when I honestly didn't know she was shooting, but seeing the photos made me remember that exact moment."

 - Adrianne

But you can't quite put your finger on it.

You want photographs from your wedding that you’re proud to hang in your home. 


Southern California

Southern California

Wedding & Lifestyle Photography


You might be having a hard time finding what you’re looking for, but I think I can help. My clients have described my work as "timeless with an artistic flare" - maybe a bit like me. ;-)

I've been told I give off a down-to-earth vibe. Maybe that's why I prefer to capture you and the day in a natural way. I'll never Photoshop in a blue sky or edit out those laugh lines. But I care very much that you both look and feel your best. So, I'll record the day the way the Lord made it: 

With real, natural, raw colors.

And instead of awkward poses to fit into, I’ll simply provide a few prompts to respond to.

You'll walk away with images that feel true to you and true to the day.

"I knew instantly that she was just an incredibly kind soul and that her down to earth attitude was exactly what I wanted (and needed) for my wedding day."




I Want Great Photos

serving you well

I Want a Great Experience

"After I inquired, Tori and I had an initial conversation where I truly felt valued. She asked great questions, listened, and proposed amazing ideas. I already loved her style but our conversation and the genuine interest she had in us as a couple sealed the deal."


serving you well


because I really, truly care about you. I'm as ecstatic about your wedding day as you are. If not more! That's why you'll hear back from me in (almost) real time, and you'll always sense enthusiasm in my voice because I’m really that stoked!

From day one, I'll make you
                                          a priority


or meet for a coffee, and I'll ask a bunch of questions. I want to know what you're most excited about, so I’ll do a deep dive into your relationship and what you envision for your wedding day. (Only if you're down, of course!). Then, I'll answer any question you may have. Try me! I'm an open book.



to wedding photography. After all, each couple has needs as one-of-a-kind as their personalities.


and my goal is to create a custom collection to match what's most important to you.

and I want our time together to bring you peace and make you feel at home. I hope that shines through my work and my process. And what is my process exactly? Oh man, good question!


Here's how we'll begin:

genuine moments

genuine moments

If you’re like me, these moments will sweep you off your feet and leave you a little breathless. They’ll encourage you to get carried away with your ideas and dream of all the possibilities.

Join me in reliving these sweet, genuine moments (and many more) by clicking on the button below

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"Tori's photographs are literally the only tangible thing we have left from our wedding. I don't think you can really put a price tag on the experience, the outcome, or the peace of mind when working with her."

-Danielle, Bride

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