September 7, 2018

Coastal Elopement Inspiration

“How do I elope,” you say?


Modern elopements seem to have changed the definition of an elopement. Really, modern elopements are more like intimate/small weddings where your actual closest friends and family join you during the ceremony and afterwards for a dinner/mini reception. If you haven’t noticed (mostly on Instagram), these typically take place in stunning adventurous locations. This is because a low-stress environment allows for more creative freedom in planning. I think modern elopements can be so special and intimate. Think about it: you get to drive to a beautiful place, maybe hike to the ceremony location, spend sweet time with those closest to you, and just enjoy your day without all the fluff of a normal wedding.

I am not trying to convince you to elope instead of plan a big wedding. When I was engaged, I was told to have three priorities for my wedding day. My husband and I quickly made our people our #1 priority. An intimate wedding/elopement just wasn’t going to be a reality for us–even though I desperately wanted to elope in the thick of wedding planning. We deeply valued every single person that attended our wedding. Whether or not you elope or have a big wedding totally depends on your circumstances and priorities. You are free to choose!


But why elope? Here are a few reasons:


  1. The ability to focus on your union rather than the details. When you elope, you get to have more brain space to think about your marriage! You aren’t planning months in advance what color napkins you need to rent, how much time people will need to arrive and sit down, what wedding favors to give, etc. The list goes on. All you need to think about is location, time of day, which family and friends you want to attend, your dress, your officiant, and where you’ll have a reception/dinner. That’s it!
  2. Your location isn’t constrained by the amount of people in attendance. You can get married in a place that actually means something to you! Was the Grand Canyon your favorite trip you took with your fiancé? Get married there! Have you always wanted to travel to a beautiful destination with your fiancé and your favorite people? Go get married there and you’ll be there will EVERYONE! The possibilities are endless.
  3. Your photographer will help you plan almost all of it. If you get married in a scenic place, you’ll obviously want it to be documented accurately. If your photographer is a pro traveler, chances are they’d be able to help you find a killer location and time of day. I love planning travel. I always find the coolest spots, the trendiest coffee shops, and the best places to watch a sunset. What’s better than having a pro help you plan your elopement?! If you have no idea where to begin, rest assured that I will help you plan anything and everything you need to have an easy and beautiful elopement.
  4. You can spend more time with your people. If you have a wedding with 400 guests, chances are you won’t be able to spend quality time with every single one of them. 400 people times 5 minutes each is about 33 hours of conversation. In other words, it’s not realistic. If you invite 10 or even 20 people to your intimate wedding/elopement, you’ll most likely be able to spend quality time with each of them the day before and the day of. Plus, elopements are way shorter in comparison to big weddings. Instead of thinking about the details, you’ll get to hang with your people before and after the ceremony with no stress!


Whether or not you choose to elope or have a smaller, more intimate wedding depends on how many people are in your family, whether or not you want to have a destination wedding, and if you care about the location. I hope my reasons to elope help you in the decision process!


For now, check out some Big Sur elopement and day-after shoot inspiration:































Here is an example of a destination anniversary shoot:


















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