Images That Reflect
Your Highest Priorities

Images That Reflect
Your Highest Priorities

The role I get to play in a day that is super sentimental and spiritual is so cool and something I’ll never take for granted. In fact, documenting your day so you’ll remember it forever is one of my biggest *whys*. 

During our time together, I’ll ask a bunch of questions that will help to reveal some of your *whys*. The images we’ll then create together will become a natural reflection of what you cherish most - whether that’s the chemistry of your relationship or the look on your parents’ faces when you walk down the aisle.



My guy! I’d need at LEAST a 50-page 5x8” book in order to share even a condensed version of why he’s the best thing in my life - a life we’ve been doing together since high school. (Yep, high school sweethearts here!) We work seamlessly together in life and on a wedding day. He knows exactly how I think and what I look for in composition and design. So, as my second shooter, you’ll be blessed with images from both his perspective and mine.





The Lord is the root of everything in my life. He has blessed me with this business and with incredible clients. And now, hopefully, with you.



I love my people. You guys are such a gift. Which is why I want you to be completely stoked about your experience working with me. I want to know who you are, what you value, and what you want to remember from your wedding day. I hope you can see, through the photographs and through our time working together, just how much I care.



Maybe it was my first job with Chick-Fil-A or the fact that I believe it's my spiritual gift. Either way, I want to treat you like gold. You guys are entering a season where you might feel a little lost. Oh man, I've been there!

That's why I strive to make this entire process as stress-free as possible. I'll quickly respond to your needs, collaborate with your vendors, and work with you on a photography timeline so you know just what to expect. 

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"Tori made me feel like we have been friends for years without sacrificing an ounce of professionalism. Tori took the time to get to know us as a couple, and talking to her was like a breath of fresh air."




Calling this a “job” feels weird - especially because it feels more like a hobby! In many ways owning this business has brought out the best in me - allowed me to feel like my truest self. It's challenged me to provide the ultimate experience for you guys. After all, you can have pretty photos but if the experience isn't a great one, you won't love them as much. And I want you to LOVE them.





I have a strong desire to leave a mark on this world. It's why my husband and I are committed to donating a percentage of every sale to the Archibald Project. To learn more about how this small act is making a big difference in the lives of orphans around the world, please click the link above.
And thank you for joining us in fighting the orphan crisis.

This might sound a little heavy, but I really want to live a life that counts! It's why I’m so driven to serve your entire family with images that will be passed down for generations. I want to give you images that your children and grandchildren will look at and know exactly what your personalities were like "back then".

the archibald project

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"The things she does to make her clients feel seen and known makes the process of being in front of the camera so much easier...She loves people so well that anyone is going to be deeply impacted by her."

- Jill

behind the camera

When I'm not working or I'm just chilling with Trent, here are few of my favorite things:

behind the camera

I love being back in California, and I love that I can dive head first into my beloved Pacific Ocean just about whenever I want. (I love you too, Texas, but I don't love your bugs or humidity.)


Fish tacos are life changing. Don't believe me? Drive there now and order one. Better yet, let's meet there to chat about your wedding day. My treat!


You guys, first you should know that I love coffee. Seriously, I'm a little obsessed. But in 2018, I changed my lifestyle and my diet (except for the occasional FISH TACO of course - ha!) - and took my health into my own hands. I’ve now switched from coffee beans to tea leaves - and I'm even on the path to become certified as an herbalist!


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