Sweet Candids | Iconic Moments

Sweet Candids | Iconic Moments

People keep asking you what you want. Duh - great photos! But you want more than that:

You want to feel natural in front of the camera

You want to look WAY better than you did in your senior class photos

You want a photographer that gets you

You guys, it's perfectly normal! If I had $1.00 for every person that said they were awkward in front of a camera...

You two don't know how to make each other feel comfortable in an iPhone photo, let alone your wedding photos! You've never done this before.

But I have. And, I’m on a mission to make you look 



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“Tori's directions were clear, concise, and so easy to follow. I usually feel nervous in front of a camera, but Tori made everything feel fun and comfortable, even during poses that are less "natural."



If you want to showcase your adventurous personalities, I'm down for an epic engagement hike. If you'd prefer something more subdued, let's go play at the beach. Whatever your lifestyle, we'll express it in a way that reflects you.

Tangible Memories

Let's be real, sometimes technology fails. My clients hire me to document and tell the story of their wedding day - not just take pretty pictures. That's why I want to help you get those images off of your hard drive and into an album. An album that holds memories you can actually embrace.

starting at $875


Your wedding day is a huge deal. Like really huge. Let me give you an amazing experience and high quality images you'll always cherish. Trust me–there's nothing worse than regretting hiring an amazing photographer. 

starting at $3,500

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"Tori has mastered the experience! She makes it fun, lighthearted, and engaging so you don’t feel lost with how to pose or what to do. Tori also brought a very unique spin on the session for my husband and I by having us answer questions to each other which really connected us during the shoot. The photos totally reflect our genuine connection!!”

- Elizabeth

starting at $1150

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